Hello and welcome to the Website for PerDiemMIL. It's the Contiguous United States (CONUS) / overseas (OCONUS) iPhone and iPod Touch per diem app perfect for active duty members, guardsmen, reservists, civilian employees and contractors. If you think you might be going on a Temporary Duty (TDY) assignment or business trip, this app is for you.

Want to use it where you can't get a cell phone signal or connect to a WiFi network? No problem. PerDiemMIL carries its database on-board, so you can get answers anywhere, anytime. Concerned about getting updates when per diem rates change (typically on the first of the month)? No problem. PerDiemMIL automatically checks for updates from the homedatasheet.com, Inc. Web server whenever it has an Internet connection. These updates are then stored in the memory of your iPhone or iPod Touch, and will be available for future use whether or not you have a network connection. Worried what will happen in the unlikely event an automatic update doesn't fully load, or somehow gets corrupted? No problem. There's a manual reload feature.

Here are the instructions:

To use, just scroll the left wheel to the state or country where you are going TDY, and a list of places for that state or country will automatically appear on the right wheel. Once the proper base or non-military location is selected, touch "Get Per Diem." Read your per diem rates in the resulting pop-up window.

***IMPORTANT*** Per diem varies by season at some locations. Scroll down as necessary, and make sure you look at the proper date range.

Especially overseas, there may be differing rates for the same city depending on whether or not you are staying in a U.S. facility. If you see your city (or "OTHER") listed twice, always check both entries.

***For CONUS locations only*** If your TDY base is not listed, use a listed base in the same county or other defined location to determine per diem. If there is no such listed base, check under the CONUS NM tab for the city/county in which your base is located. If you still cannot find a listing, set the left scroll wheel to "**" which is all the way at the top. If your non-military CONUS TDY location is not listed, try to find one in the same county. If you still cannot find a listing, set the left scroll wheel to "**" all the way at the top.

If your OCONUS destination is not listed, it is probably best to check with your Travel Pay office before you assume the "OTHER" rate applies, either for a specific country or for all OCONUS locations. We have included these catch-all rates for the sake of completeness, but it never hurts to make sure you're assumptions are valid.

(Note: IE = "Incidental Expense")

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of PerDiemMIL data, but it is not guaranteed and is not a substitute for official guidance.

Every time you open PerDiemMIL, it checks with our Website to see if there are any per diem data updates. If there are, these updates are automatically downloaded, and the old data is overwritten. Note: CONUS, CONUS non-military, and OCONUS data, as well as the footnotes are loaded separately, as their individual tabs are selected.

The "As of" date below the selector wheels will typically be the first of the current month for OCONUS data, and 1 Oct for CONUS and CONUS non-military, or whenever the data was last updated.

If you are in a location without Internet connectivity, PerDiemMIL will revert to the most recently downloaded data.

When looking up the per diem for a given location, you may find a reference to a footnote. To look up the footnote, just touch the "Footnotes" tab at the bottom of the screen. As you scroll down the footnotes list, please keep in mind that not every footnote number is used. Footnotes are updated from the Web, just like the per diem rates.

Privacy Issues: Keep in mind that whenever your iPhone or iPod Touch connects to any Web server, including ours, your Internet Protocol (IP) address (which cannot by itself personally identify you, but can reveal your approximate location and, possibly, your organizational affiliation) may be recorded. If this could present a problem, DO NOT open PerDiemMIL. Visit homedatasheet.com/privacy to view our Website privacy policy.

In the unlikely event per diem data should appear incomplete or corrupt, touch the "News" tab to manually reload. You should not normally need to do this. Also in the News view is a box displaying the latest PerDiemMIL information.

homedatasheet.com, Inc. does not have a business relationship with the Department of Defense.

Visit: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/perdiemCalc.cfm for access to official information and answers to commonly asked DoD travel pay questions.

App icon drawn by Allen J. Lewis and used under license.

All tab bar icons were created by Joseph Wain (http://glyphish.com) and used under the pro license.

Thanks for stopping by, and please contact us with any PerDiemMIL questions, comments or stories about how you have used our app.