WeatherLCD gives you the "usual" U.S. weather data, and so much more! Get a combined latest radar frame/ tornado/severe thunderstorm/flash flood/special marine warning box view. Also, check out the short range, long-range, and 1-hour precipitation radar displays, plus 3-hour lightning prediction.

Ready to go out on the water? You can have access to the (U.S.) National Weather Service's zone and experimental marine point forecasts in graphical and detailed text formats for the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes (U.S. portions), Alaskan waters, and more! Get wind, wave, and marine hazard data. ***We've added forecasts, watches, and warnings for the Canadian Great Lakes region too! Boaters, surfers, beachgoers, this app is worth checking out. Click the link below for more details.

As always, WeatherLCD provides current weather data in a retro LCD format, as well as forecasts, weather alert products, and in-flight turbulence reports. If the weatherman on TV always seems to be wrong, maybe you can do better! Note: All U.S. weather data presented by WeatherLCD is from the National Weather Service and not subject to copyright protection., Inc. is not affiliated with the National Weather Service. Canadian marine data is from Environment Canada and used under license., Inc. is not affiliated with Environment Canada.

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Finally, an app for the severe weather junkie! If you want push notification of severe weather damage caused by tornadoes, hail, and high winds associated with thunderstorms, iDamage is for you. Covers the entire Contiguous (lower 48) United States.

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And now for Android too!

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Going TDY in the Contiguous United States (CONUS) or overseas (OCONUS)? PerDiemMIL is for you. Look up the per diem rates for CONUS and OCONUS locations using the on-board database which automatically checks for updates when a Internet connectivity is available. Buy perDiemMIL today! Note:, Inc. does not have a business relationship with the Department of Defense.

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Exif Wizard

Photographers, use Exif Wizard to view plain-English metadata from photos you take with your iPhone, photos synced to your iPhone or iPod Touch with the latest version of iTunes, photos sent to you via e-mail, and photos found on the Web. We've tested it on images from all publicly acknowledged iPhone models, as well as many professional and consumer-level digital cameras. Exif Wizard translates the most commonly used tags, so you don't have to.

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Exif Wizard-Pro

If you like our free Exif Wizard app, you'll love Exif Wizard-Pro for iPhone, iPod Touch, AND iPad native-resolution. Are you a serious photographer who uses the Camera Connection Kit to interface your professional or prosumer camera with your iPad? Are you an editing or publishing professional who receives photos via e-mail for review on your iPad? If so, Exif Wizard-Pro is the app for you.

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Texas Wells

Are you in the oil and gas business in Texas? Then check out Texas Wells. It shows you some of the possibilities for using Railroad Commission pending drilling permit data in the mobile environment (, Inc. is not affiliated with the Railroad Commission of Texas).

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Texas Wells Pro-2018

Like Texas Wells (above)? Then maybe it's time to step up to Texas Wells Pro-2018. Get both mapped *and* unmapped Texas pending drilling permit data for the rest of 2018! (Notes: Texas Wells Pro-2018 will expire in January 2019. Data is from the Railroad Commission of Texas, with which, Inc. is not affiliated.)

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Elevation For Real

You're one of the people who understands that what the iPhone calls "Altitude" and elevation above sea level are two different things, right? Right!? Now, at last, the EGM96 geopotential model is in an iPhone app. Get it for free, and start measuring elevation today!

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